My name is Florencia Mazza, a Senior Graphic Designer with vast experience and knowledge of the entertainment and fashion industries. Specialized in brand extension and the development of licensing programs - from the initial creation of the brand, through to full style guide production. Skills include project leadership, setting graphic directions, trend-hunting and client facing.

A large part of my role is being the company "Cool Hunter". I am constantly on the look out for new trends, which is something that comes very naturally to me, I'm a curious person and love hunting for new things and seeing what's out there and trying to prempt new trends.

When working on any project, I feel it is important to establish the client's objective and context, which in turn enables me to understand the output extremely quickly and effectively; this works on both a local and global scale.

I am a positive individual who has the ability to delegate and coordinate projects effectively. As well as being able to respond to the Art Director in a concise manner, I am constanting pushing and encouraging myself and my teammates to produce the best creative there can be.

I am passionate about design and fashion and enjoy looking at inspiration from all walks of life in my spare time. I love travelling and learning what I can about each new place that I visit and understanding the people and culture there; this really helps to widen my creative vision.

As well as having experience in the Licensing Industry, I have worked in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry for the past 6 years, including retail.

Please download my resume with additional information on my backgrounds and qualifications.

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